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Karen B. Henning, MME

Title: Division Chair for Liberal Studies Company: Lane College Location: Jackson, Tennessee, United States Karen B. Henning, MME, Division Chair for Liberal Studies, Assistant Professor

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Austin PeKarna

Title: Instrumental Music Teacher Company: Performing Institute of Minnesota Arts High School Location: Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States Austin PeKarna, instrumental music teacher at Performing

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Kathy Caldwell-White

Title: Suzuki Talent Education Registered Teacher, and Teacher Trainer Location: Bodega, California, United States Kathy Caldwell-White, Suzuki talent education registered teacher and teacher trainer, has

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Prisha Gustina

Title: Owner, Music Educator, Self-publisher, and Consultant Company: Steps to Music Literacy LLC Location: Beloit, Wisconsin, United States Prisha Gustina, Owner, Music Educator, Self-publisher, and

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Alicia Romero Sardiñas, PhD

Title: Adjunct Professor Company: Florida International University Location: Miami, Florida, United States Alicia Romero Sardiñas, PhD, Adjunct Professor at Florida International University, has been recognized

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Joshua A. Johnson

Title: Music Teacher Company: 1) Livingston County Schools; 2) Hopkins County Schools Location: Smithland, Kentucky, United States Joshua A. Johnson, a music teacher at Livingston

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Ethan Thaddeus Edmondson

Title: Music Educator Company: Spruce Mountain School District Regional School Unit 73 Location: Farmington, Maine, United States Ethan Thaddeus Edmondson, a music educator at Spruce

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Jenna C. Margiasso

Title: Music Educator Company: George Washington Elementary School Location: White Plains, New York, United States Jenna C. Margiasso, Music Educator at George Washington Elementary School,

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John Schechter

Title: Professor EmeritusCompany: University of California Santa CruzLocation: Fallbrook, Recognized for some five decades of service in his chosen field, California, United States

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David H. Rothe, DMA

Title: Music Professor Emeritus; Choirmaster; Organist Company: California State University, Chico Location: Chico, California, United States

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