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Dr. Abenamar Arrillaga

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Title: Associate Trauma Medical Director and SICU Medical Director
Company: Good Samaritan University Hospital
Location: Bay Shore, New York, United States

Dr. Abenamar Arrillaga, Associate Trauma Medical Director and SICU Medical Director at Good Samaritan University Hospital, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in healthcare administration.

A noted expert in human stress response and acute care surgery, Dr. Arrillaga has excelled as the associate trauma medical director and surgical intensive care unit medical director for Good Samaritan University Hospital since 2016. In addition to these positions, he has found further success as the program director for the general surgery residency program at St. Catherine’s of Sienna Hospital since 2016, a role in which he teaches both students and residents while participating in valuable research. He previously served in the acute care surgery department, the surgical intensive care united, and the trauma and emergency departments for mission hospitals throughout Asheville, North Carolina, over the course of 14 years. Moreover, Dr. Arrillaga has contributed his time, attention and expertise to the Greenville Hospital System.

Before embarking on his professional path, Dr. Arrillaga was initially drawn to the field of law, but discovered throughout his academic pursuits that he was remarkably talented in sciences, and thus decided to seek a career relating to science. He was likewise inspired by his father, who was a general surgeon. He notably pursued an education at Emory University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry in 1984. Dr. Arrillaga eventually concluded his studies at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, now known as Drexel University, from which he earned a Doctor of Medicine in 1988.

Beyond his primary responsibilities in his classroom, Dr. Arrillaga has been involved with numerous endeavors outside of his immediate circles. Notably, he participated in two surgical mission trips to Guatemala. He has also been affiliated with such organizations as The American Association for Surgery Trauma, The Eastern Association for the Surgery Trauma, and The Society of Critical Care Medicine. Furthermore, Dr. Arrillaga has been distinguished as a fellow of The American College of Surgeons.

Renowned among his peers for his unwavering determination to do good, Dr. Arrillaga has attributed his success to the inherent gifts that he was blessed with, including his exceptional focus. Having encountered obstacles throughout his impressive career path, he is incredibly proud to have been true to himself, which has not only allowed him to mature as a person but as a confident surgeon and a gracious father. In the coming years, Dr. Arrillaga share his wealth of knowledge to the next generation of surgeons prior to his eventual retirement.

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