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Jianhua Luo MD, PhD

Jianhua Luo

Title: Pathologist, Professor
Company: University of Pittsburgh
Location: Wexford, Pennsylvania, United States

Jianhua Luo MD, PhD, Pathologist and Professor at the University of Pittsburgh, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in pathology.

From a young age, Dr. Luo was exposed to medical professionals, as there are many doctors in his family and his parents were home care professionals. He enjoyed learning and obtaining knowledge of medicine to share with others in order to make a difference. For this reason, he came to the United States to enhance his knowledge in the medical field. Dr. Luo earned a Doctor of Medicine from Guangzhou Medical University in 1982 and later received a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Maryland in 1992. He has since dedicated his career to cancer research and study.

Dr. Luo’s career highlight was getting his first job at the University of Pittsburgh, as it was a turning point in his career trajectory. After training, he was not sure whether to go into research or practice. The chair of the department at the time offered him a position and it directed him where to start. Since 2000, Dr. Luo has been with the University of Pittsburgh as a pathologist. He has also held the positions of assistant professor, associate professor, professor and endowed chair professor. During his career, he was also the director of the High Throughput Genome Center in 2010 and the director of the Gene Array Laboratory in 2000.

Looking toward the future, Dr. Luo wants to further develop his technology to help solve the problems in curing cancer. In his research, he has discovered novel oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes and cancer-specific fusion genes. His aim is to detect and develop a treatment for cancer in order to apply them to patients and rid them of the disease. The cure would be a type of a DNA drug, which would kill the gnome and the cancer cell. As a testament to his success, Dr. Luo has been inducted as a member of the American Cancer Research Association, the American Society of Investigative Pathologists and the Society of Basic Urology. He is also listed in the fourth edition of Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare.

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