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Ralph Benedict D’Agostino Sr.

Title: Mathematician, Statistician, Educator, Consultant
Company: Boston University
Location: Winchester, Massachusetts, United States

Ralph Benedict D’Agostino Sr., Ph.D., Mathematician, Statistician, Educator and Consultant at Boston University has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in mathematics and higher education.

Drawing upon more than 50 years of professional experience, Dr. D’Agostino is an esteemed mathematician and educator who has been serving as a professor of mathematics and statistics at Boston University since 1976, having also acted as a professor of public health biostatistics and epidemiology at the university since 1982. Alongside these appointments, he has been the director of the Statistics Consultant Unit since 1986, the director of the Biostatistics MA/Ph.D. Program since 1988, and an adjunct professor at Tufts University since 2004. In addition, since 2007, he has been a statistical consultant for the New England Journal of Medicine.

Prior to his present positions, Dr. D’Agostino served Boston University in a number of capacities, including as chairman of the department of mathematics and statistics, professor of law, chairman of the department of mathematics, associate dean of the graduate school, lecturer of law, and associate professor, assistant professor and lecturer of mathematics. Likewise, he was formerly the director of data analysis and statistics, as well as a co-principal investigator, at the Framingham Heart Study and a senior research scientist at the Forsyth Institute. He currently serves as a consultant to multiple entities, including Safe Therapeutics, the Progeria Foundation, the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University, Bayer Pharmaceutical, Aventis, and various committees with the Food and Drug Administration.

A prolific author and editor, Dr. D’Agostino has been editing Statistics in Medicine since 1993 and previously co-edited such works as the Encyclopedia of Clinical Trials. He was an editorial board member of the Journal of Hypertension for five years and co-authored numerous books, including “Practical Engineering Statistics,” “Goodness of Fit Techniques,” and “Factor Analysis: An Applied Approach.” Impressively, he has contributed more than 800 articles to professional journals throughout his career.

Among his notable achievements, Dr. D’Agostino is most renowned for being in the top one percent of most-cited researchers in clinical medicine since 2014 and ranked 30 out of 2,258 scholars with an H-index greater than 100 by Google Scholar in 2017. A lead in the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association risk function of estimating risk of cardiovascular disease, he developed an instrument for predicting acute ischemic heart disease, a stroke health risk appraisal function, and a coronary heart disease risk assessment function. Likewise, he also developed a global cardiovascular disease risk function.

Throughout his career, Dr. D’Agostino maintained affiliation with several industry-related organizations, including the American Heart Association, where he served as a Remington lecturer for the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Council, chairman of the section on epidemiology, chairman of the section of health policy statistics, a visiting lecturer, and a national council member. The former vice president and president of the Boston chapter of the American Statistical Association, he was also associated with the American Public Health Association, the Biometrics Society, the European Union Academy of Sciences, and the American Society of Quality Control, among others. He is notably a fellow of the American Statistical Association.

In light of his exceptional undertakings, Dr. D’Agostino has accrued a number of accolades. Named one of the most influential researchers in clinical medicine since 2014, he was the recipient of the Achievement Award and the Award for Distinguished Service and Contributions from the American Public Health Association in 2014. In addition, he was honored with the FDA Advisory Committee Service Award in 2008, received a Special Citation from the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner in 1981 and 1995, and was named Statistician of the Year by the Boston chapter of the American Heart Association in 1993. Furthermore, he received the Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching from Boston University in 1985, among other prestigious honors.

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