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Beverly Hollensteiner

Title: Superintendent (Retired)
Company: North Bend School District
Location: Stayton, Oregon, United States

Beverly Hollensteiner, retired superintendent of the North Bend School District, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in academic administration.

Dr. Hollensteiner’s career in education spans several decades, marked by a steadfast commitment to leadership and academic excellence. Her journey began as a teacher, where she spent 15 years nurturing young minds in third, fourth, and sixth grades. Her passion for education led her to pursue higher learning, earning a bachelor’s degree from The University of Montana Western, followed by a master’s degree from Montana State University-Northern. She later achieved her Doctor of Education in educational leadership and administration from Montana State University, solidifying her expertise in educational leadership.

Transitioning into administrative roles, Dr. Hollensteiner served as a curriculum director in Yakima School District, WA, before assuming positions as an assistant superintendent in Eagle Point School, and ultimately as superintendent in both North Santiam and North Bend School Districts in Oregon. Her tenure as superintendent, spanning 14 years, was marked by notable achievements in enhancing educational standards and fostering a supportive learning environment for students and staff alike.

Throughout her career, Dr. Hollensteiner attributes her success to the guidance of good mentors and her deep-rooted passion for education, inherited from her family of educators. A highlight of her career includes the transition from teaching to pursuing her doctorate and assuming superintendent roles. Her journey underscores her commitment to academic excellence and leadership.

Looking ahead, Dr. Hollensteiner envisions a future focused on personal fulfillment and community engagement. In the coming years, she plans to travel, complete the renovation of her house, and actively participate in community projects through organizations like the Rotary Club. Her dedication to education, coupled with her strong work ethic and commitment to ethical leadership, serves as an inspiration to aspiring educators and administrators. Her advice emphasizes the importance of hard work, interpersonal skills, and adaptability in navigating the dynamic field of education.

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