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Vincent Tomeo

Title: Teacher (Retired)
Company: Francis Lewis High School
Location: Flushing, New York, United States

Vincent Tomeo, teacher (retired) at Francis Lewis High School, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in education and archiving.

Embarking on his educational journey, Mr. Tomeo earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Queens College, followed by a master’s degree in history and an archivist degree from New York University. His academic pursuits equipped him with a strong foundation in history and archival practices, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors. Complementing his educational background, Mr. Tomeo holds certification in English as a second language.

Mr. Tomeo’s diverse career path includes impactful roles in education and archiving. He served as a teacher at various institutions, including Francis Lewis High School, Grover Cleveland High School, Boys and Girls High School, and Juan Marau Junior High School. His dedication to education was marked by a fair and pragmatic approach, emphasizing well-structured lesson plans and maintaining impartiality, even in challenging environments. Transitioning to archiving, Mr. Tomeo contributed his expertise as an archivist at the City of New York Hall of Records.

In the realm of creative works, Mr. Tomeo authored “The Usefulness of Hippopotamus: A Humorous Chapbook for Trying Times Paperback” in 2023. Additionally, his literary contributions extend to poetry and writing, with 1,145 pieces of literature published in magazines. His creative endeavors were acknowledged with the Rainier Maria Rilke Poetry Award. Mr. Tomeo attributes his professional success to unwavering focus and a commitment to creating well-structured lesson plans. Despite challenges, he maintained a fair and pragmatic stance, recognizing the importance of humor in reaching students facing personal difficulties.

Driven by a passion for people, Mr. Tomeo shifted from archiving to teaching, finding fulfillment in imparting knowledge and fostering critical thinking. Witnessing his students’ growth and success has been a standout highlight in his career, emphasizing the principle of teaching individuals to think independently. Looking ahead, Mr. Tomeo envisions overcoming cancer and plans to travel and continue writing, demonstrating his resilience in pursuing his passions while making a positive impact on the lives of those he encounters.

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