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A.  Shawn Gordan

Title: Metaphysics Teacher
Company: Divine Metaphysics
Location: Lancaster, Texas, United States

A. Shawn Gordan, a metaphysics teacher at Divine Metaphysics, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Executives for dedication, achievements, and leadership in metaphysics, philosophy, and sociology.

With 38 years of experience as a metaphysics teacher at Divine Metaphysics to his credit, Mr. Gordan initially completed coursework in computer science from Collin College, previously known as Collin County Community College. His journey was shaped by overcoming chronic pain resulting from a severe back injury, which persisted for 26 years. The pivotal turning point in his life occurred upon reading “Fearless Wisdom” by Dr. Richard Arthur Feller, his stepfather, which led Mr. Gordan and his assistant, Charles Robinson, to create a workshop centered on the book’s principles. 

Distinguishing himself from his parents, who approach metaphysics as a religious doctrine, Mr. Gordan embraces a scientific discipline in his teachings. His stepfather, who holds a PhD, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Arts, has notably contributed to their family’s metaphysical legacy. Additionally, Mr. Gordan is a proud father, and considers his greatest accomplishment to be his children, Crystal and Joshua. Crystal has not only graduated from the advanced metaphysical course but is set to further her ambitions by appearing as a spirit coach in his future courses.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Mr. Gordan actively engages in philanthropic endeavors, volunteering for local food drives and supporting various charitable organizations across local, state, national, and international platforms. Affectionately known as the “Street Angel,” He has earned this moniker by positively impacting countless lives, particularly aiding the disadvantaged and homeless populations through his guidance and positive mindset. In addition, his involvement with Toastmasters International underscores his commitment to communication and leadership development within his community.

Mr. Gordan’s comprehensive understanding of metaphysics, psychology, and sociology is self-taught, demonstrating his fervent dedication to continuous learning. He values honesty, a strong work ethic, and the importance of attentive listening. Looking ahead, he envisions continued growth and success as a metaphysics educator, steadfast in his commitment to imparting knowledge and fostering understanding among his students.

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