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October 9, 2023

Thomas F. Obee

Title: Professor Emeritus Company: Saint Clair Community College Location: Columbus, Michigan, United States Thomas F. Obee, professor emeritus at Saint Clair College, has been recognized

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Norma J. Greenberg

Title: Founder and Principal Company: Comprehensive College Consulting, LLC Location: Thousand Oaks, California, United States Norma J. Greenberg, founder and principal at Comprehensive College Consulting,

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William F. Carroll

Title: Professor of Sociology Company: Motlow State Community College Location: Toney, Alabama, United States William F. Carroll, Professor of Sociology at Motlow State Community College,

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Rodney Pennamon, PhD

Title: Director of Counseling Programs Professional Practice Company: Southern New Hampshire University Location: Manchester, New Hampshire, United States Rodney Pennamon, PhD, Director of Counseling Programs

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Shirley Shuliang Cheng, MS

Title: Chef and Retired Professor Company: The Culinary Institute of America Location: Hyde Park, New York, United States Shirley Shuliang Cheng, Chef and Retired Professor

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