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Noel T. Parisien, EdM

Title: Professional Trainer, Consultant and Tutor
Company: Noel Tepee Academy and IRSC
Location: Fort Pierce, Florida, United States

Noel T. Parisien, EdM, professional trainer, consultant, tutor, and owner at Noel Tepee Academy in Fort Pierce, Florida, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in teaching.

After Ms. Parisien graduated from 8th grade at St. Joseph’s Indian School in South Dakota, her mother and her teacher, Sister Raphael, encouraged her to pursue a teaching career as a candidate at Sacred Heart Convent because they both recognized her gift of working with children and her joy in spiritual activities. As a graduate of Mount Marty High School and College, Sister Noel, Order of St. Benedict, began her career as an elementary school teacher in grades 2 to 8 for 11 years.

After her exit from convent life, Ms. Parisien spent the next 13 years as a reading specialist for GED Job Corps students before being hired by the federal government to work as a trainer, consultant, and coordinator for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Native American schools nationwide for eight years. Transferring her expertise to adult populations, she went on to become a coordinator, instructor, and mentor at community colleges and universities, winning the Adjunct of the Year Award at Indian River State College in 2015. Today Ms. Parisien, who attributes her success to “working from the heart,” continues to transform lives through leadership while using her wealth of knowledge to provide ongoing educational and spiritual training in her local college and spiritual groups.

At the online Noel Tepee Academy, Ms. Parisien provided educational consulting services internationally. Her areas of expertise continue in teaching, training, and tutoring along with the added responsibilities of managing and leading the staff, coaching teachers, and developing reading skills curricula. Ms. Parisien Is also an AWAI certified copywriter and editor; she uses these skills to regularly update testing materials for her tutoring center and to coach students in reading skills, testing strategies, and test anxiety.

Ms. Parisien holds a master’s degree in education and reading from Towson University in Maryland and a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and teaching from Mount Marty University in South Dakota. Within the next five years, Ms. Parisien plans to continue training teachers and positively impacting students’ lives. Noel is in the process of researching her own ancestry and is working on documenting her unusual life in a series of stories entitled “The Nine Lives of Noel Therese Parisien” as an inspiration for others to do the same.

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