Charlotte Grace Buzzelli, BSEd, MSEd

Title: Special Education Educator
Company: Project RISE, Akron Public Schools
Location: Akron, Ohio, United States

Charlotte Grace Buzzelli, BSEd, MSEd, Special Education Educator at Project RISE of Akron Public Schools, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in special education.

A professional special education educator and consultant with 54 years and decades of experience to her credit, Ms. Buzzelli has been with Project Learn of Summit County from 2010 to 2018. Presently, she has been a developer with Project RISE’s Homeless Youth Family Learning Literacy Program at Akron Public Schools since 2001. From 1992 to 2002, she was a training coordinator for the Northeast Regional and Program Educator Children Services with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and the Sagamore Hills Children’s Psychiatric Hospital as well as an educational therapist and staff member at the North Coast Psychiatric State Hospital. Ms. Buzzelli is proud of pioneering the first special education program in Ohio for an adult state psychiatric hospital and developing the first community-based adult basic education program in state psychiatric hospitals. Since 1992, she has served as an adult basic literacy education teacher with various community-based education centers and a part-time contract teacher with Akron Public Schools.

For her accomplishments, Ms. Buzzelli has been the recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and a Marquis Who’s Who Humanitarian Award. She earned a Women’s Achievement Award from Akron Public Schools in 2013, an Outstanding Community Volunteer Award in 2013, an Ohio State University Outstanding Community Partnership Award in 2010, and a Commendations Award from the Summit County Governor’s Council in 2009. Ms. Buzzelli considers teaching a 16-year-old autistic student and an 85-year-old student to read and write for the first time to be the highlight of her career. In preparation for her work as an educator, she attended the University of Akron, graduating with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in education in 1969 and 1976, respectively,

Ms. Buzzelli attributes her success to her family’s encouragement and her mentors, Dr. Ruth Clayton and Sister Mary Carmel. She has also found success as an author, writing the “Materials Selection Handbook for Recommended Therapy in Prevocational Skills for Adolescents, Adults, and Older Adults”, “The Food for Thought Handbook” in 1986 and “Auditory Figure-Ground Relationship with DLM Materials” in 1976. She had also completed international studies and research articles listed in Eric. Alongside her primary career field, Ms. Buzzelli has been a choir member with Gospel Meets Symphony since 1994. She became involved in education because she wanted to help improve the lives of others, and in the coming years, she will continue to travel internationally, endorsing education as a gateway to positive changes in communities.

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