Carol Vance Edwards

Title: Educator (Retired); Author
Location: Florence, South Carolina, United States

Carol Vance Edwards, Retired Educator and Author, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in economic education.

With decades of experience to her credit, Ms. Vance Edwards is currently retired, having excelled as an educator in Pennsylvania for 30 years. Moreover, she was active as an arts and crafts teacher for more than 75 different cruise ships between 1985 and 2005. She has found much success with her written works as well, having authored “Jean Colarusso: Fearless Friend of the Poor” in 2022, “Adventures From the Edge: How a Quintessential Wife and Mother Morphed into a Free and Independent Warrior Marching Through Life with Awe and Wonder” in 2021, “Andrew Christopher Edward” and four cookbooks surrounding the preparation of wild game. Ms. Vance Edwards has further contributed to Pennsylvania Outdoors as a columnist.

To support her career, Ms. Vance Edwards completed coursework in economic education at Lehigh University, which was sponsored by Lee Iacocca. She subsequently obtained a master’s degree from Bloomberg University. As a testament to her incredible research work and unique curriculum on economics, she was presented with the George Washington Freedom Foundation Medal for Excellence in Economic Education, a nomination for Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year in 1990, and induction into the Benton High School Hall of Fame. A noted supporter of the Pearl S. Buck Foundation, she has been additionally affiliated with the Bucks County Organization for Intercultural Advancement, through which she spearheaded a program that provided educational materials to public schools in Guatemala. Looking toward the future, Ms. Vnce Edwards hopes to remain prolific as an author, continue contributing to the Life Enrichment Program and promote her work to benefit her children and great-grandchildren.

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