Emily Rolfe Grosholz

Emily Grosholz

Title: Philosopher, Educator, Poet
Company: The Pennsylvania State University
Location: University Park, Pennsylvania, United States

Emily Rolfe Grosholz, Philosopher, Educator, and Poet at The Pennsylvania State University, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in mathematical philosophy.

Dr. Grosholtz is an award-winning philosopher and poet best known for her work on the philosophy of mathematics and science, including the 2017 Fernando Gil Prize winner “Starry Reckoning: Reference and Analysis in Mathematics and Cosmology,” and “Great Circles: The Transits of Mathematics and Poetry.” As a child growing up in Philadelphia, Dr. Grosholtz discovered her dual passions for math and poetry and dreamed of finding a way to merge the two. She graduated from the University of Chicago in 1972 with a Bachelor of Arts in ideas and methods, and pursued postgraduate coursework in philosophy at Yale University, where she realized her childhood goals of bridging the gap between language, mathematics, and ideas.

Dr. Grosholtz was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy in philosophy in 1978, and accepted an assistant professor position at the University of Pittsburgh, rising to associate professor in 1987 and professor in 1993. She remains an associate of the University of Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science and has been a research professor of philosophy, African American studies, and English at The Pennsylvania State University since 2011. As one of the primary voices in her specialty, Dr. Grosholtz has been awarded fellowships from the University of Toronto, the Guggenheim Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, and the National Endowment of the Humanities, among many others, and has been a visiting scholar and professor to institutions around the world.

Her recent literary work includes “Walking Along the Hudson,” an anthology, and “Songs of Two Bellevilles,” 2017, and she has served as a judge for the National Book Awards, the Poets’ Prize, the Able Muse Write Prize for Poetry, and the Poetry Society of America Awards. She sits on the editorial board of journals including the Hudson Review, Studia Leibnitiana, the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, and the Journal of the History of Ideas, who awarded her their 1996 Selma V. Forkorsch Prize for Best Article. A member of the Wissenschaftlicher Beirat since 2018, Dr. Grosholtz is also active in the Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, where she serves on several leadership committees.


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