Mark L. Van Stone

Mark Van Stone

Title: Professor of Art History
Company: Southwestern College
Location: Imperial Beach, California, United States

Mark L. Van Stone, professor of art history at Southwestern College, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in art education and Maya art.

Renowned for his experience accrued through studying differing locales across the globe, Dr. Van Stone is a Maya expert specializing in Maya hieroglyphs and calligraphy. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Physics from Occidental College in 1973 and spent several years organizing historical calligraphy tours to Rome, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Greece. In 1983, Dr. Van Stone continued his education with an apprenticeship in traditional Japanese Netsuke carving under Sensei Saito Bishu in Kawaguchi, Japan. He earned a master’s degree from the University of Texas in 1996 and was awarded his Doctor of Philosophy by the Institute of Latin American Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2005.

Dr. Van Stone has served as the president of Tlacaelel Press since 2008, and is the co-author of “Reading the Maya Glyphs,” author of “2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya” and “Maya, Mold Made,” and has been featured on “Penn & Teller: Bullshit!” For his contributions in the field, he is honored to have been made a Fellow of the Solomon Guggenheim Foundation. Above all, he considers his dual background in science and art essential to his unique understanding of Maya calligraphy and of the development of all writing systems as visual art. Looking toward the future, he aims to enjoy his retirement while continuing to write.

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