Sandi L. Massey

Sandi MAssey

Title: Director of Schools and Operations
Company: Third Future Schools
Location: Grand Prairie, Texas, United States

Sandi L. Massey, director of schools and operations for Third Future Schools, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in education.

Inspired by her own kindergarten teacher, Ms. Massey has dedicated her life to her role as an educator of young minds. She initially obtained a Bachelor of Education in English from Southwestern University in 1994. During this time, she garnered expertise as a kindergarten teacher and through various middle school administrative positions. After earning a Master of Arts in educational leadership from Dallas Baptist University in 2011 and the required teaching and administrative certifications, she continued her career as the principal of Thomas Jefferson High School from 2013 to 2021. Within four years, she is gratified to have elevated the school from its initial ranking of #22 out of #23 to #2 within Dallas by state and local standards.

In her current role as the director of schools and operations for Third Future Schools, Ms. Massey is tasked with overseeing and coaching school principals while providing evaluations and supporting their professional development. Through instructing a large population of English language learners, she is most proud to have witnessed their individual growths and the language barriers they were able to overcome. Supplementing her professional career, she has contributed her expertise to the Principal Impact Collaborative, the Theory of Action Committee, the Principal Focus Group, the Buckner Hope Center and the Student Cares Team. Looking toward the future, she aims to continue her career in education while working on her doctorate degree. Above all, Ms. Massey’s goal is to continue serving as a mentor while expanding upon her communication skills.

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