Ignacia B. Mallon

Ignacia B. Mallon

Title: Former Adviser and Director of Non-English Speaking Programs
Organization(s): Massachusetts State Board of Education, UNESCO
Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States

Ignacia B. Mallon, Former Adviser and Director of Non-English Speaking Programs at the Massachusetts State Board of Education and UNESCO, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in language education.

From playing “teacher” with her dolls as a child, Mrs. Mallon always had a passion for education. In 1945, she earned a degree in English as a Second Language (ESL) and philosophy from the Universidad de Chile. Two years later, she earned a Master of Arts in child psychology from Smith College, going on to earn a Doctor of Education from Harvard University in 1949. In 1950, she began her career as an ESL teacher at the Chilean American Institute. In the following years, she established herself as a respected individual in her field, taking on the role of director of bilingual programs at Framingham Public Schools. Later, in 1982, Mrs. Mallon became the director of education for the Associated Day Care for Greater Boston, going on to become an educational consultant for the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee until 1986.

Today, Mrs. Mallon serves as an adviser and director of non-English speaking programs for the Massachusetts State Board of Education and UNESCO. Outside of her primary roles, she has acted as a guest speaker in bilingual education courses and conferences at Harvard University during her time there. Additionally, she has spoken at Framingham State College, the University of Massachusetts and Boston University. A member of the International Reading Association, Mrs. Mallon speaks fluent Spanish and is familiar with Portuguese, Italian, Urdu and Bengali. Further, she can fluently read the French language.

As a testament to her success, Mrs. Mallon earned the Honor Award from Harvard University. Earlier, in 1971, she earned a Distinguished Service Award from the South Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, which was followed by a Certificate of Distinction from the Massachusetts Reading Association. Reflecting on her myriad accomplishments, Mrs. Mallon attributes her success to her personality. She has always been motivated to find professional success and her hard-working nature never let her give up on her dream. A prolific writer, Mrs. Mallon authored her memoir, “Nacha” in 2020. Her motto is, “No child should be left behind.”

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