Barbara Francis Tibbetts Haig


Title: Consultant
Company: Department of Education
Location: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States

Barbara Francis Tibbetts Haig, Consultant with the Department of Education, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in mathematics.

Ms. Haig knew she wanted to become a teacher after her third week of school. She came home and told her mother that she wanted to be a teacher. She followed that through and realized that mathematics was a subject she loved and wanted to teach. While in college, it was easy to choose mathematics as her thesis. Ms. Haig matriculated at the State College of Framington, where she received a Bachelor of Science in education in 1970 and a Master of Science in education in 1974. Upon completion of her degrees, she became certified in elementary education for grades kindergarten through eighth in the state of Massachusetts.

Mrs. Haig is most proud of helping girls learn to love mathematics. That they could do it everyday and not open the book to page such and such. She had parents ask if they could have their daughter in her class because she was a model of how students could be, such as athletic and loving to learn daily, and not just with books. Ms. Haig began her career in 1970 as a fourth grade teacher with the Northborough School Department and has remained in that position to this day. In 1987, she also became a consultant for the Mathematics Advisory Committee for the Department of Education in Malden, Massachusetts, remaining until her retirement in 2005.

One of Ms. Haig’s goals was to put more emphasis in learning mathematics in elementary schools, reading was number one however, mathematics is important as well. She wanted to have the students understand the difference between mathematics and arithmetic so they would always have a mathematics day and everyone would come up with an old school activity. One year they all put in an estimation of how many students it would take to stand around the school holding hands and they figured it out. They tried it but they didn’t have enough students but it gave them an idea of how to use estimation. Ms. Haig would try to do different activities and others would join because it was fun. They would always have a mathematics night, parents would come to the school in the evening with the students and participate in different activities. The children would teach the parents it was fun.

As a testament to her success, Ms. Haig received an award for heroism from the National Safety Council in 1989 and the Anna Seaver Teacher of the Year Award from the Northborough School Department in 1983. She has been inducted as a member of the National Education Association, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Massachusetts Teachers Association. She has also been included in the 60th and 61st edition of Who’s Who in America, the 3rd and 8th edition of Who’s Who in American Education and the 25th edition of Who’s Who of American Women.

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