Carol Stock Kranowitz

Carol Kranowitz

Title: Educator

Location: Bethesda, Maryland, United States

Carol Stock Kranowitz, Educator, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in sensory processing disorder.

book 2Ms. Kranowitz became involved in her profession because while she was a preschool teacher, she was surprised by children that did not have any identifiable special needs but could or would not joyfully participate in any of the preschool experiences. She wondered why some would withdraw or sabotage the teacher’s program. Ultimately, she wrote a book in 1998 about her students that were not enjoying childhood, having difficulties with playing, working with others and children who were not developing in a typical way. Before becoming a teacher, Ms. Kranowitz earned a Bachelor of Arts from Barnard College in 1967. Twenty-eight years later, in 1995, she earned a Master of Arts in education and human development from The George Washington University.

Carol KranowitzThe highlight of Ms. Kranowitz’s career has been her students’ grateful parents, one of whom came to her, took her hand, and told her that she started a revolution because now people understand her child. In 1976, she became a teacher at St. Columbia’s Nursery School and remained there until 2001. Ms. Kranowitz also became an international lecturer in 1998 and continues to hold that position to this day. She has authored numerous books in her field including, “The Out-of-Sync Child Grows Up: Coping with SPD in the Adolescent and Young Adult Years,” “Preschool Sensory Scan for Educators” and “The Goodenoughs Get in Sync: 5 Family Members Overcome Their Special Sensory Issues,” to name a few. As a testament to her success, Ms. Kranowitz has received numerous accolades including but not limited to the Distinguished Alumna Award from the Hopkins School in 2018, the Distinguished Alumna Award from Barnard College in 2017 and the Champion of Inspiration Award from the STAR Institute for SPD in 2015.

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