Gordon Henry Theilen, DVM, DACVIM-Oncology

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Title: Veterinary Surgery Educator
Location: Davis, California, United States

Gordon Theilen, Veterinary Surgery Educator, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Doctors and Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in veterinary oncology.

Dr. Theilen’s area of expertise is in veterinary oncology and the majority of his work is with dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep and goats. He became involved in his profession from an early age. When he was five years old, he almost lost his right thumb due to a hatchet accident, and a veterinarian by the name of Dr. Rasmussen, who was doing work on his parent’s farm at the time, put a tourniquet on it, cleaned it, and put a bandage on it. He became Dr. Theilen’s hero, and the reason why he wanted to become a veterinarian. Dr. Theilen began practicing in a private practice in 1955. In 1956, he began his career as an educator and remained a passionate academic until retiring in 1993 are professor emeritus.

Dr. Theilen earned a BS, DVM and DACVIM in oncology at the University of California Davis in 1953 and 1955, respectively. He joined the faculty of his alma mater as an instructor in 1956, and remained part of the educational community in a variety of positions throughout his career, including assistant professor, associate professor, chief of clinical oncology and as a full professor. From 1980 to 1993, Dr. Theilen served as the director of the Center for Comparative Cancer Medicine. In addition, he has served on a number of boards, including the WHO Committee for Staging Tumors in Animals and the American Association for Cancer Research. Furthermore, he has provided his skills and expertise with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society USA, the International Association for Comparative Research on Leukemia and Related Diseases, the Veterinary Cancer Society and the Scientific Review Committee.

In his career, Dr. Theilen has received a number of awards and accolades. In 2008, the Theilen Tribute Award was established in his name and has since been given to outstanding veterinary oncologist of the year. He has been recognized as a Lifetime Member of the Northern California Brittany Club and has been inducted to the American Brittany Club Hall of Dame. He received the Alexander Von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award from Justus Liebig University among many other accolades. Dr. Theilen has spoken and contributed written work to numerous conferences and publications. In 2017, he published “Boy with the Wounded Thumb” and “One Medicine War on Cancer: How Discoveries in Veterinary Oncology Led to Advancement in Comparative Medicine.”

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