Edith Persing

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Title: Secondary School Educator (Retired)
Location: Spring Lake, Michigan, United States

Edith Persing, Secondary School Educator, (Retired) has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in psychology education.

Recalling the hardships and disadvantages experienced during the Great Depression, Mrs. Persing believes that her childhood was strengthened by a loving, helpful, and faithful family, as they relied on one another’s love to survive those troubled times.  While her parents worked, her Aunt Elsie, took care of all the children in the family by reading books to them, which helped her learn to read before attending public school.  Priding herself on her formidable work ethic and sense of perseverance, Mrs. Persing excelled as a student, attaining a Bachelor Science before the age of 20.

Marrying her husband soon after college, Mrs. Persing turned her focus toward taking care of her young, growing family.  Unfortunately, she was left to care for her five children by herself following her husband’s unexpected passing in 1965.  Mrs. Persing then turned toward the field of education for her career, working as a teacher while pursuing a Master of Science in counseling which she achieved.

Mrs. Persing found success as a dedicated psychology teacher whose energetic teaching style was able to keep her students thoroughly engaged.  She conscientiously advanced her education to one class short of a Psychology Ph. D.   This spirited advanced educational effort demonstrated Mrs. Persing’s driven desire to give her students the best answers and education she could give.  Over her career spanning more than 30 years, Mrs. Persing had the pleasure of teaching, mentoring, and learning from approximately 50,000 students.

Throughout her life and career, Mrs. Persing encountered several influential mentors, apart from her family and her husband.  While studying for her graduate degree, she became acquainted with Dr. Milton Cudney, who cultivated her innate desire to be the best teacher possible.  Dr. Cudney also taught her how to connect with people, how recognize family patterns, and how to delicately approach and suggest resolve for an individual’s personal issues.  Mrs. Persing and Dr. Cudney maintained a life-long friendship and mentorship until his death.

Another influential educator Mrs. Persing encountered was Dr. Leo Buscalglia, who taught at the University of Southern California.  Edith has read and kept all of his books, which inspired her to utilize new methods of encouraging her students.  Dr. Buscalglia taught people to appropriately be life connected in giving of themselves and teaching others to do the same.  Finally, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the preacher, was an enormous spiritual influence on Mrs. Persing’s personal and professional life.  She read all 24 of his books.

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