Dr. Michéle I. Friend

Title: Associate Professor
Company: George Washington University
Location:  Damascus, Maryland, United States

Dr. Michéle I. Friend, Associate Professor for George Washington University, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in philosophy.

A former horseback riding teacher turned philosophy professor, Dr. Friend demonstrates a natural ability to inspire others by teaching them something new. Innately curious and reputably hardworking, she entered the academic area of philosophy because of her broad interest in subjects including mathematics, physics, art, history and politics. She felt that the field of philosophy allowed her to keep the door open to many areas of study in this way. In total, Dr. Friend has been showcasing her dynamic skills as an educator for two decades. She established her career in 1999 as a lecturer for the University of Reading. From there, she served as a lecturer for two universities in London, England, while she expanded her influence on the larger academic community. When she returned to the United States, Dr. Friend joined the faculty at George Washington University, where she excels today as an associate professor, having previously taught at the assistant professor level for 12 years. During times of the year when GWU was not in session, Dr. Friend took the opportunity to travel the world as a visiting professor. She has taught in small spurts at such universities as IIEST in India, the Center for Philosophy and Science at The Free University in Brussels, the National Autonomous University in Mexico, and the Renyi Institute of Mathematics in Budapest.

Dr. Friend’s accomplishments as an educator have led her in obtaining grants and honorariums to further her academic research. She earned a Bilthey grant from George Washington University in 2005 and three honorariums from the Philosophy of Mathematics Special Interest Group Mathematical Association of America, the Humboldt University of Berlin and IIEST. Her contributive work includes books, texts and theatre productions related to philosophical histories. Dr. Friend is the author of “Introducing Philosophy of Mathematics,” and “Pluralism in Mathematics: A New Position in Philosophy of Mathematics (Logic, Epistemology and the Unity of Science Book).” She co-edited “Induction, Algorithmic Learning Theory, and Philosophy (Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science),” as well as a second edition of “Mathematical Pluralism.” Dr. Friend produced and directed a production of Dante’s Inferno and Au Cassin Nicolette, the latter of which she also acted in.

Dr. Friend holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of St. Andres, a Master of Arts in philosophy from McGill University and a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy with honors from McGill University. Today, she continues to influence her colleagues and industry peers through her involvement with the American Mathematical Association and Aristotelian Society. Looking ahead, she intends to continue teaching.

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