Maria Nowakowska Stycos, PhD

Title: Distinguished Lecturer (Retired)
Company:  Department of Romance Studies, Cornell University
Location:  Ithaca, New York, United States

Maria Nowakowska Stycos, PhD, retired distinguished lecturer at Cornell University, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in romance and literature studies.

With a love of poetry, literature and languages, Dr. Stycos met with success throughout her career by doing what she loved. Now retired, she concluded her tenure as a distinguished professor and lecturer for the romance studies department at Cornell University. She taught there for 20 years in this capacity after having already established a professional reputation of excellence in higher education. Within the university, she previously served as a lecturer for its division of modern languages for which she taught Polish. Additionally, Dr. Stycos taught Spanish literature and several summer Spanish programs for A.P. high school students. Before joining Cornell University, she held roles including full-time assistant professor for the State University of New York College at Cortland, lecturer in Spanish language and literature at Wells College, and instructor in Spanish at Ithaca College. Outside of her work as an educator, she was incredibly involved in her professional community. She served as a consultant for the Cornell/IDESPO Project in San Jose, Costa Rica, member of the faculty advisory committee for the Johnson Museum of Art, and member of the Latin American Studies Program and the Women’s Studies program at Cornell University.

Dr. Stycos is a co-author with E. Sanchez-Blake on a project called “Voces Hispanas Siglo XXI,” which highlights the voices of the 21st century. The publication was printed by the Yale University Press in 2005. In addition, she has contributed chapters in books and articles on modern Spanish, Latin America and polish poetry to professional journals. To further her work in these areas, Dr. Stycos has received grants from several prominent industry organizations. Among them are the Program for Cultural Cooperation, the Spanish Ministry of Education, the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning to Participate in a Workshop, the Teachers of Advanced Spanish Association, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the State University of New York College at Cortland. In recognition of her impactful writing projects, Dr. Stycos was the winner of several poetry competitions.

Dr. Stycos demonstrates an expertise in Latin American literature, Spanish poetry, contemporary literature, 19th century literature, modern Spanish and the Polish language. She became involved in her profession because of a desire to share cultures with American students to expand their vision of the world. To prepare for her career, Dr. Stycos earned a Bachelor of Arts in English, French and Spanish from King’s College in London in 1958, a Master of Arts in Spanish Literature from Cornell University in 1967, and a PhD in Spanish literature from Cornell University in 1977. She has remained at the top of her field in her career through he partnerships with the Modern Language Association of America, the Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina Hispánica (AILCFH), the Asociación Internacional de Hispanistas (AIH) and the International Congress of Americanists (ICA). Proud of the accomplishments she achieved in her career, Dr. Stycos intends to enjoy her retirement in the years to come.

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