Dr. Robert B. McGeachin

Robert McGeachin

Title: Academic Librarian, Educator
Location:  College Station, Texas, United States

Dr. Robert B. McGeachin has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in library sciences.

As an academic librarian with a focus on agriculture, Dr. McGeachin says that his secret to success has been becoming an expert in various subject matters so that he can better understand the information needs of his students and faculty researchers. Today, Dr. McGeachin celebrates 26 years of excellence in his career as a leader at Texas A&M University. Notably, he is regarded for his work at the helm of a project that digitized and ingested more than 7,000 articles from the Legacy of Texas A&M Extension and Experiment Station publications. To date, there have been 3.9 million downloads of these articles due to his expansive work in this area. He began his tenure with Texas A&M University in 1981 as a research associate. From there, he progressed into increasingly responsible roles, including technician, assistant professor of library science, and associate professor of library science, which is the position he holds today. In addition to his work at the university level, Dr. McGeachin is known for his involvement in his industry as an editor of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Information and his former work as the Chair of the Agriculture Network Information Collaborative, twice. Today, he maintains memberships with the American Library Association, the International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists, the United States Agricultural Information Network, the World Aquaculture Society, the American Fisheries Society, and Beta Theta Pi.

At the beginning of his career, Dr. McGeachin was intrigued by fish farming research, so he spent a year in the Bahamas pursuing the subject as a potential career path. When he returned to the United States, he could not find a full-time position in his field, which led him to switch to library sciences. To support his career, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in biology and anthropology from the University of Louisville, followed by a Master of Science and PhD in wildlife and fisheries sciences from Texas A&M University. He also holds an MLIS from the University of Texas at Austin. With a personal passion for fishery work still present in his life, Dr. McGeachin has performed work in this area outside of his professional duties. Whenever he dines out and sees that tilapia is being served, he knows it is because of the work he did to contribute to tilapia farming. In looking to the future, Dr. McGeachin intends to continue working toward further success by taking on new opportunities in his field. He also plans to indulge in his hobbies, which consist of reading, swimming, sculpting, folk dancing and biking.

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