Catherine M. Campbell

Catherine Campbell

Title: Music School Director, Educator, Pianist
Location:  Cresskill, New York, United States

Catherine M. Campbell, Music School Director and Pianist, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in piano education.

A Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Dr. Campbell has committed herself to her career for the last 34 years and has met with success because of her dedication, perseverance and open-mindedness. A traditional, classical piano teacher, she holds herself to a high standard to provide the very best education that she can — she tells her students that they are “A” students that deserve an “A” teacher. Having played the piano since she was a child, Dr. Campbell became a teacher while working for the Turtle Bay Music School in New York City in 1984. At the time, they did not have a piano teacher so she took it upon herself to become one. Gratified by the joy that accompanies the music, Dr. Campbell notes that her favorite part of her career has been teaching beginner students the correct hand position, theory, musicianship, how to read notes, posture, and the kinesthetic approach to using the whole body not just the fingers and hands.

In her career, Dr. Campbell has held prominent roles, including co-director of Piano Scape, executive director of the Garden State Academy of Music, executive director of the Turtle Bay Music School, and board of director’s member for the Friends of Mozart. She has sat on various boards of contemporary opera, served as a freelance concert pianist, and performed lecture demonstrations on Baroque composers, women composers, American women and 20th-century composers. All the while, Dr. Campbell has remained constant and committed to her piano teaching business, which she has operated out of her home for more than 30 years. In addition to her range of experience, Dr. Campbell’s career has been supported by a Bachelor of Music from Manhattanville College, a Master of Music from the New England Conservatory, and a Doctor of Musical Arts from the Eastman School of Music. In the next five years, Dr. Campbell intends to continue teaching piano and excelling in her current work with the HWT Concert Series. She also hopes to take on new opportunities in her field to learn and teach.

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