Dr. Robert A. Becker

Title: Professor of Economics
Company: Indiana University
Location:  Bloomington, Indiana, United States

Dr. Robert A. Becker, Executive Associate Dean at Indiana University, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in higher education.

As someone who enjoys the mathematical and social scientific aspects of economics, Dr. Becker has dedicated the last 40 years to his profession in academia. Regarded as a hard-working contributor by colleagues at Indiana University, he has worked in a number of impactful roles since joining the faculty in 1976. Today, he is a professor of economics. Previously, he was associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, chair of the economics department and an associate professor and assistant professor. Dr. Becker’s noteworthy professional achievements include establishing Ramsey’s conjecture on long-run steady states of growth models, developing indirect methods for solving tax-distorted dynamic equilibrium models, and developing formal linkages between descriptive and optimal growth theories.

Dr. Becker prepared for his career by first pursuing his own education. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Washington University in 1972, a Master of Arts from the University of Rochester in 1975, and a PhD from the University of Rochester in 1978. When asked of his achievements, Dr. Becker notes that his approach to teaching has separated him from his peers. He defines his success by the achievements of his students; when they succeed, he feels a great sense of gratification. In particular, he is proud of the work of his students in the PhD program at Indiana University.

Outside of his work at the university, Dr. Becker contributes to his industry through a number of professional initiatives. Previously, he served as an associate editor for the Econometric Society and has written many articles that have been published in economic and academic journals. Dr. Becker co-authored a book entitled “Capital Theory of Equilibrium Analysis and Recursive Utility.” He has also received grants by the National Science Foundation and the Resources for the Future in order to further his research. In recognition of his professional excellence, Dr. Becker earned a Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award. In looking to the future, Dr. Becker intends to continue working in his same capacity at Indiana University while taking on new opportunities in his field.

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