Francis T. Jones, PhD

Francis Jones

Title: Chemistry Educator
Location: Ridgefield, New Jersey, United States

Francis T. Jones, PhD, Chemistry Educator, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in chemistry.

When Dr. Jones established himself professionally he had one goal in mind: Become a scientist. With a scientific background, he felt most gratified by the quantitative challenges and opportunities that chemistry provided as compared to other disciplines within the field.  He took on his first role as a research scientist with Union Carbide Nuclear Corporation in Tuxedo, NY, in 1962. After two years, he joined the faculty at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, where he quickly learned key skills in a hands-on setting. From there, Dr. Jones was eager to step into a role in academia. Over the course of seven years beginning in 1964, he progressed from assistant professor to professor at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. He remained with the university for the remainder of his career, where he notably created the first undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the field of chemical biology. After establishing these programs, he continued in prominent roles as department head for the chemistry and chemical engineering departments, as well as director of chemistry, chemical biology and medical engineering.

“In the field of science, difficulties can arise when designing or measuring a problem incorrectly, but when you work at it and find a solution to it, the rewards are incredible,” Dr. Jones says about the most challenging and gratifying aspects of his career. In fact, it was because of a difficult problem that Dr. Jones was able to construct the base for his Ph.D. thesis. He found a way to build a device to measure the parahydrogen in a gas. This project earned Dr. Jones a PhD from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn in 1960. In addition to this academic achievement, Dr. Jones previously earned a Bachelor of Science from The Pennsylvania State University in 1955. He was later the recipient of an honorary master’s degree in engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.

Dr. Jones’ second passion in life has always been music. For over 16 years, he was the organist and choir director for the Trinity Episcopal Church in Cliffside Park, NJ. On two occasions, he was the recipient of a Trinity Award from the church for his outstanding contributions to the religious community through music. One of the highlights of Dr. Jones’ career and life was interfacing a pipe organ with an electronic organ, which is a task he is proudest of due to the complexity of the project. It was the first time this had ever been done before.

As he looks ahead to the future, Dr. Jones intends to continue enjoying his retirement by spending his time playing, listening to, and attending performances of music.

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