W. Farrell Edwards, PhD

Title: Physics Professor, Researcher

Location: Logan, Utah, United States

W. Farrell Edwards, PhD, Physics Professor and Researcher, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in thermonuclear fusion and electron theory physics education.

Early on, Professor Edwards showed an early interest in mathematics and science and began preparing to receive a doctorate in the related fields right out of high school. He first earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Utah in 1955 and was soon accepted to the California Institute of Technology, receiving a Master of Science in 1957 and a PhD in 1960. The highlight of Prof. Edwards’ career began when he was a graduate student and had an idea on how to get absolute conversion core efficiency of nuclear decay. His professors at first dismissed this idea, claiming it impossible, but eventually came to see his ideas and confessed that he was right. This moment felt significant for Prof. Edwards as he felt respected by his professors and peers.

Prof. Edwards began teaching at Utah State University in 1959. His achievements include the invention of the method and apparatus for thermonuclear plasma confinement. He was named the Professor of the Year in 1977 and in 2005 received a grant from the US Department of Homeland Security for his work. In his career, Prof. Edwards has maintained professional affiliation with the American Physical Society. He has also authored the third edition of Fundamentals of Physics, which was published in 1981. Furthermore, he has contributed to numerous articles and professional journals in the field. Prof. Edwards retired from USU in 2017. At the university, he was recognized for establishing the Space Dynamics Laboratory, serving as the Physics Department Head and with the Governor of Utah’s Medal for Science and Technology in 2010.

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