Dr. Donald A. Chambers

Title: Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine Educator

Location: Evanston, Illinois, United States

Dr. Donald A. Chambers, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine Educator, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in biochemistry.

With more than five decades of experience, Dr. Chambers is considered an expert in the scientific studies of the molecular basis of disease and the control of genetic expression and bioregulation. His interests in these areas of science stemmed from a natural curiosity in biology and medicine he had growing up. It was also due to the influence he had from his family that he developed cognition and realized his calling was in academia. He always enjoyed the idea of teaching and continued to explore the benefits of this profession throughout his years, becoming a patron and mentor to many students. Dr. Chambers first earned an AB from Columbia University in 1959 and later received a PhD from the institution in 1972. He was a research fellow of hematology in the Department of Surgery at Harvard Medical School from 1967 to 1968 and has been a visiting senior research fellow at Green Templeton College since 1988.

Dr. Chambers continues to contribute to the field with a number of positions. Since 2006, he served as the Director of the GPPA Program in Medicine. He has taught at the University of Illinois for a number of years, and his current roles include being a professor of medical education since 1996, a professor of bio-engineering since 1993, a research professor in dermatology since 1981, a professor of biological chemistry since 1980, and being a professor of, physiology, biophysics and molecular biology since joining the institution in 1979. He previously taught at the University of Michigan, the University of California Medical Center and Columbia University. Furthermore, Dr. Chambers is a senior research associate and an honorary visiting fellow at the University of Oxford.

A highlight of Dr. Chambers career has been finding, in terms of molecular understanding, how the elements of how genes are regulated.  He considered it a major achievement upon discovering how a biological regulator regulates gene expression in bacteria. For his work, he holds several patents in the US and Canada, for method of determining periodontal disease, with other methods of quantifying aspartate amino transferase in periodontal disease; for research in the role of cyclic nucleotides, prostaglandins, hormones and other regulatory factors in the regulation of cell function, proliferation and differentiation, in molecular medicine in neural-immune interactions, the regulatory mechanisms of host-microbial interactions, and in the history and development of concepts in the biomedical sciences.

Dr. Chambers has received a number of awards and accolades for his work. These include grants from the National Institutes of Health and Helene Curtis, Inc. He was named the Inventor of the Year by the University of Illinois in 1990 and was awarded the James Howard McGregor Prize from Columbia University in 1971. In his career, Dr. Chambers has maintained professional affiliation with the Athenaeum Club of London, the Oxford Medical Alumni Association, the Green College Oxford Society, the Royal Society of Medicine, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Chemical Society, the American Society for Cell Biology, Sigma Xi and a number of other organizations.

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