Richard Siegesmund

Richard Siegesmund
Photo courtesy of his wife Brigitta Hangartner

Title: Professor
Location: Dekalb, Illinois, United States

Richard Siegesmund, Professor, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in art and design.

Dr. Siegesmund’s decision to go into academics came during a mid-life assessment of his life and career. He found that while he had always been interested in art, he was most drawn to the educational aspects of it. As a professor, he specializes in exploring and teaching in how one thinks through art. With this pedagogical leaning, he places importance on critical thinking and research. Since 2013, he has taught as a professor at Northern Illinois University. He came to the institution a year prior as an associate professor. Prior to teaching here, Dr. Siegesmund taught at the University of Georgia, was deputy director for curatorial affairs at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, director of The Fabric Workshop, associate director at the Washington Project for the Arts, program director of crafts, visual arts and the Museum for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. Earlier in his career he was a program coordinator for the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Art and Culture and a box designer for the Baltimore Box Company. He has also worked with the Kahla Institute and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Dr. Siegesmund began his foray into art by earning a Bachelor of Arts in studio art at Trinity College in 1973. He continued with postgraduate work at the University of Hawaii. Upon sensing a career redirection, he earned a Master of Arts and PhD in education from Stanford University. For his work, he has received such accolades as the Fulbright Specialist Award from the Centre for Sociological Research at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and he has been a visiting fellow of the Research Institute at the National College of Art and Design. He has maintained affiliation with the American Educational Research Association and the National Art Education Association. Dr. Siegesmund comes from a strong lineage of educators and the Siegesmund Engineering Library at Purdue University was named after his grandfather.

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