Harvey Nichols

Title: Emeritus Professor of Biology

Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States

Harvey Nichols, Emeritus Professor of Biology, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in ecology.

Prof. Nichols interest in the natural world was facilitated during his childhood spent with the Boy Scouts, where he spent his time hiking and camping in the English countryside. Upon attaining the rank of Queen Scout, he received a handwritten note from Queen Elizabeth which further acknowledged and encouraged his nascent passions. During this same time, he developed a proclivity to volunteering, which he would retain throughout his career. His volunteer work focused on pollen and lead to his discovery of plutonium dust at a former nuclear weapons site just a few miles outside of Boulder, Colorado. His research interests include paleo-ecology, arctic and alpine environments, pollen analysis and palynology. Prof. Nichols was involved with a program that resulted in twenty expeditions into the arctic to study past movements of the arctic tree-line driven by climatic change, which now provides an important perspective and test for the Greenhouse Hypothesis. An agreement has been reached with the Central Siberian Botanical Institute to exchange American and Russian students to explore the Siberian and North American arctic tree-line for signs of atmospheric warming in a long-term research project.

Prof. Nichols earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Manchester in 1960 before continuing at the University of Leicester to receive a PhD in 1964. He relocated to the United States early on, accepting a biologist position at Yale University for a year before joining the University of Wisconsin as a postdoctoral research scientist. From 1969 until his retirement in 2008, he taught as a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Colorado. For his work, he received the BFA Excellence Teaching Award from the University of Colorado. Prof. Nichols has contributed to numerous nature articles and scientific journals.

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