John Dale

Title: Retired Principal

Location: Denver, Colorado, United States

John Dale, Retired Principal, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in education administration.

Mr. Dale was inspired by his father, who was a college professor. When he was a senior in college, his mother had a stroke and he went home for the month of December. His father engineered him taking over her classroom as she was a teacher in a rural school.  His father talked to the school board and said that they would be happy to have him fill in for the month, because they thought she would recover, but unfortunately, she never did. Mr. Dale never taught before and he had eight first and second graders that he worked with.  It was a wonderful experience and he enjoyed every moment of it, ultimately deciding that he would become an elementary school teacher. A recruiter from the Pueblo schools came to interview people, and no one wanted to be interviewed to work at that school.  The director asked him if he would pretend he was interested, so he walked into the room and the man was there and he asked; ‘Dale are you related to Gilbert Dale?’ Mr. Dale said yes that Gilbert Dale is his father and the recruiter hired him right then and there.  His father was on the state board of education.

In his career, Mr. Dale has grown to be proud of many achievements in the educational field. One such achievement has been his involvement with the Designation Title 1; a federal program that funded people to be teachers in public schools of children who were struggling.  Mr. Dale taught at a place called Fable for a year, and during that time the assistant superintendent, Ruth Dolton, asked if he would go to West as a teacher because he had a master’s degree and the institution was coming up for accreditation and they needed as many people on the staff with master’s degrees.  He went to West Junior High to be a social studies teacher, and then Title 1 came in funding remedial work, funding an extra teacher who would take hold of children who were having difficulty with their learning and reading.  Mr. Dale took that job, which entailed going around the building and taking people out and work on their reading skills. He did that for two years then working as an administrator of the program for five years until he was asked to become the principal.

In 2007, Mr. Dale was recognized with the Aurora History Makers Award. He received the Elizabeth Johnson Award in 1997. In order to work in the education field, Mr. Dale first received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Colorado in 1956 and then a Master of Arts from Colorado College in 1962. He later earned a Master of Arts from the University of Colorado in 1987. Mr. Dale has been featured in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in American Education and Who’s Who in the West.

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