Susan McKenna-Lawlor, D.Sc

Susan McKenna Lawlor

Title: 1) Academician, Professor Emerita
2) Managing Director/Founder high tech
company Space Technology Ireland Ltd.
Location: Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland

Academician Susan McKenna-Lawlor, D.Sc. Professor Emerita at Maynooth University and Managing Director/Founder of Space Technology Ireland Ltd., has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in physical science.

Recognized for nearly six decades of contributions to the field of science and physics, Dr. McKenna-Lawlor is an integral figure in the field due to her expertise and experience. In her lauded career, she has worked as an educator, a researcher in space exploration and an entrepreneur, combining her love of science within these genres. She founded and is still the managing director and chief executive of Space Technology Ireland Ltd., a company she founded in 1985 to produce hardware and software for space applications. In the capacity of an academic, she joined the Science faculty at Maynooth University in 1968 as a lecturer in Experimental Physics. Throughout the years, her involvement with this institution grew and by the time she took on the title of Professor Emerita, she had been an associate professor, an acting head and a member of the Senate of the University. In addition to these positions, Dr. McKenna-Lawlor gained experience in carrying out solar research at Dunsink Observatory and at the McMath Hulbert Observatory of the University of Michigan. More recently she acted as a guest professor at the National Space Science Centre of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In order to serve in these roles, Dr. McKenna-Lawlor first earned a BSc Special degree from the National University of Ireland, and continued at that institution to gain two additional degrees, an MSc and a PhD. She has also been a research scholar/research assistant at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and is the recipient of an Honorary DSc from the University of Ulster. Throughout her career, Dr. McKenna-Lawlor has made many notable contributions TO the field of space physics. These include acting in the capacity of PI/Co-I for experiments flown by the Chinese, European Indian NASA and Russian space agencies. For her international research she has received achievement awards from ESA and NASA, the International Prize for Outstanding Scientific Work from the Slovak Academy of Sciences, the Irish laureate Woman of Europe award and the Russian Tsiokovsky Gold Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Cosmonautics.

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