Karen Stewart Milne

Title: Science Educator
Company: Sweetwater School
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Karen Stewart Milne, Science Educator at the Sweetwater School, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in biology education.

Ms. Milne’s grandmother used to say, “You get up, you get dressed, and you get going, and you make the world a bit of a better place. It doesn’t have to be big; you leave an area cleaner then when you found it, and be kind to people.” This mantra has helped guide her in her endeavors, whether it was her career as a teacher or in her current work as a volunteer for the Disabled American Veterans Organization. For four decades, Ms. Milne inspired middle school scientists, teaching her students science and mathematics. She worked at Sweetwater School from 1996 to 2009, and had previously taught at Cholla Middle School, Cactus Wren School and the Manzanita School.

In her career, Ms. Milne has been recognized with various awards in recognition of all the kinds of work she has contributed. In 2009, she received a Team That Makes a Difference Award from the Arizona Middle Level Association. In 1994, the Arizona Science Teachers Association recognized her as the Science Teacher of Year. That same year, she also received a grant from the Arizona Game and Fish Department and a scholarship via the Woodrow Wilson Fellow Foundation. That year was an incredible year for Ms. Milne has the Game and Fish Department authorized her classroom to have a Gila monster, and the grants she received helped the class visit Princeton University. Her students learned an incredible amount that year due to working hands on with an animal and touring the institution.

Ms. Milne attributes her success to her mentors, including Larry Ladou, Dr. Kingsberry and Dr. Staley. Each of these mentors helped her become the kind of teacher that she was. She credits her high school chemistry teacher, Larry Ladou, along with her mother, for inspiring her to attend college and go into teaching. Upon taking Dr. Kingsberry’s Foundations of Education class in college, she was further inspired to go into the field of academia.

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