Marsha L. Pelletier


Title: Secondary School Educator (Retired 2018), Poet, Founder, Owner State Legislator (Retired)

Company: Dover Public Schools

Location: Dover, New Hampshire, United States

Marsha Pelletier, Retired Secondary School Educator at Dover Public Schools, Poet, Founder of the Good Earth Community Garden, Owner and Master Gardener of John’s Blueberries and Retired State Legislator, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in education and community service.

From an early age, Ms. Pelletier wanted to help others through the basis of education. She grew up as the second oldest out of six children and enjoyed teaching her younger siblings throughout her childhood. These actions, along with the inspiration she received from her progressive mother Mary Ellen (Edde) Mingle, helped form her desire to become an educator. Starting college at just 16 years old, she earned a Bachelor of Science in home economics and education from Kansas State University in 1971, and a Master of Science in education guidance and counseling from the institution in 1972. In her career, Ms. Pelletier has been a teacher at a number of high schools in the area, as well as a consultant and educator at the University of New Hampshire. She has also maintained involvement in the academic field as a member of the Board of Directors of the New Hampshire State Teaching Professional Standards and Assessor for the National Standards Board, and as an active member of the National Education Association. She has a Dual Life Professional Teaching certification in Family & Consumer Science & Guidance Counseling. Furthermore, Ms. Pelletier was trained by Chef Pirkola at the Cordon Bleu between 2016 and 2018 as a Sous Chef. In 2008, she was trained as a Chief Architect in CAD. Also important throughout her life has been sharing her love of poetry. Her first poem, “Where Fairies Go,” was published when she was just seven years old.  She has since gone on to contribute numerous poems to books, as well as “Arriving at the Crossroads” and “Portsmouth Unabridge: New Poems for an Old City.” She has received several awards from the International Society of Poetry for her work.

In 2010, Ms. Pelletier invited her community into her latest endeavor, the Good Earth Community Garden, coordinated by the St. John’s United Methodist Church in Dover, NH. The garden, which helps feed members in the community that may need food, also serves to educate the community on how to grow their own produce. She is also the owner and master gardener for the blueberry and produce farm, John’s Blueberries. Ms. Pelletier brings to these ventures the same gusto and passion she has for her previous roles. In the 1990s, Ms. Pelletier sought to make effective changes for those in her community and became involved in politics, which not many educators pursue. She was an elected member of the Legislative Administration Committee of the New Hampshire House of Representatives from 1992 to 2014. During the same time, she was a Strafford County Government Representative, serving in Strafford District 6 of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, as well as chairing General Government and Contracted Social Services. Interesting to note, New Hampshire became the last in the nation to observe the Memorial Day and Ms. Pelletier played an important role as a teacher and representative in making that happen.

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