Professor Dilano K. Saldin

Dilano Saldin

Title: Distinguished Professor
Company: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Dilano Saldin, Distinguished Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators for dedication, achievements, and leadership in physics education.

With patents in atomic imaging and a number of books credited to his name, Dr. Saldin is a leading voice in biophysics and finding the structures of biological molecules. His knowledge and expertise is passed on to future generations of scientists through his work as a Distinguished Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a role he has held since 1988. He has also provided his services as the Chairman of the Department of Physics at the university on two different occasions. In addition, Dr. Saldin has lectured at Brasenose College in Oxford.

In his own academic pursuits, Dr. Saldin first received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oxford in 1971. He continued at the institution to receive a PhD in materials, which he earned in 1975. Following this degree, Dr. Saldin was a junior research fellow with Wolfson College and a research fellow with Imperial College. While at the University of Oxford he was an honoree with the Open Exhibition in Physics. He also received the Alice and Edith Hamer Major Scholarship from the University of Manchester. In 1990, he was presented with a grant from the Petroleum Research Fund. He has also been a grantee with the National Science Foundation since 1994 and with the US Department of Energy since 2001.

Throughout his career, Dr. Saldin has contributed to a variety of publications. One of his most recent contributions has been to 2017’s “Algorithim for Reconstruction of 3D Images of Nanorice Particles from Diffraction Patterns of Two Particles in Independent Randomly Orientations with an X-Ray Laser” from Applied Sciences. He is the author of “Ghost Imaging with X-Rays,” and “Microscopy: Reconstructing the Third Dimension.” Some of the other works he has contributed to are; “Simulations on Time-Resolved Structure Determination of Uncrystallized Biomolecules in the Presence of Shot Noise,” “New Light on Disordered Ensembles: Ab-Initio Structure Determination of One Particle from Scattering Fluctuations of Many Copies,” and “Enzyme Transient State Kinetics in Crystal and Solution from the Perspective of a Time-Resolved Crystallographer.” Dr. Saldin also maintains professional affiliation with the American Physical Society and the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center.

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