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Dr. Sarah Malino

Title: Professor of History Emerita
Company: Guilford College
Location: Greensboro, NC United States

Sarah Smith Malino, Professor of History Emerita at Guilford College, has been recognized by Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators, for dedication, achievement and leadership in U.S. history.

Recognized for nearly 40 years of invaluable contributions to the field of history, Dr. Malino has taught generations of students topics in U.S. history. Considered an expert in the field, she specializes in 19th and 20th century U.S. history and is well versed in the matters of race, class, gender and ethnicity. She is also an expert in economic, business, labor history, women and gender history, public history, foreign policy, Native American history and the U.S. global impact. While teaching at Guilford College, Dr. Malino also did volunteer work and assisted on a collaborative feminist project.

Dr. Malino’s own education started at Wellesley College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy in 1967. She continued at Columbia University to earn a Master of Philosophy in history and attained a Ph.D. in American History at the university in1982. Prior to becoming a college professor, Dr. Malino taught at a private high school and a therapeutic school. Spending time in England and Israel helped Dr. Malino discover that she really wanted to teach at the collegiate level to conceptualize the multiple narratives of U.S. history in order to include the voices of ordinary people. Dr. Malino found a position at Guilford College and remained a history professor until her retirement in June 2013.

Dr. Malino’s retirement is chock full of activity which goes in line with how active she was during her years of teaching. Currently, she is working on a collaborative research project with her mentor, the founder of the women’s studies program at Guildford College. Together, and with a few other faculty members, alumnae and students, the project aims to explore the origins, evolution and impact of 40 years of women’s studies. This includes gender, sexuality and the struggles and achievements throughout the years. The group endeavors to apply for grant money to fund the project and intend to publish a book with their findings. Dr. Malino is also working with the college’s archivist to create an e-portfolio.

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